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Hi! My name is Debbie. I am a Sacred Celebrant, writer and poet. I will travel anywhere to sprinkle stardust on your bespoke celebration.
Creative ceremonies that bring the spirit, ritual, fun, words of power and – most importantly – the special energy of your love to your celebration.

“Sacred is made from the magic inherent in ordinary moments”

Academy of Modern Celebrancy

“A sacred ceremony weaves all the unique threads of your love story into the designer ceremony of your dreams”

Debbie Oakes
Where can a celebrant service be held?

Based in London, Umbria & Tuscany
I will happily drive, train, boat or plane anywhere to sprinkle stardust on your special ceremony: wedding, vow renewal, naming ceremony, space clearing, coming of age or blessing
A celebrant led service can be anywhere! Literally anywhere you want… well as long as it’s legal. Luxury villas, eco lodges, castles, beaches, forests, lakes, villas, pubs, your garden, your home, at a festival or even a field.

What is a sacred ceremony?

A sacred ceremony is one that reflects the love in your relationship. It is sculpted from your experiences, hopes, dreams and love stories.
A sacred ceremony it is the best ceremony you will ever attend! We will work together to find special words, readings, songs and symbolic rituals, poems and songs that distil all of it into magic.

Ritual + celebration transform the mundane moments of life into magical experiences we hold forever

sacred celebrant testimonials

“From the moment we chatted with Debbie, we just felt a huge click, and I’m so glad we did because our ceremony was beyond what we’d hoped for. It was magical, emotional… and we will remember it always! There wasn’t a dry eye in the house”

India Renshaw

We didn’t really know what a celebrant led ceremony was. We just knew that we wanted to have a blessing at home in our French garden. It was so much more than we expected. Debbie wrote a blessing that was literally infused with all our love.”

Sally Cowley

Talk to me! Let’s create magic!

“That, I think, is the power of ceremony. It marries the mundane to the sacred. The water turns to wine; the coffee to a prayer.”

Robin Wall Kimmerer

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