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What is a celebrant?
Celebrants craft highly personalised ceremonies to make your important milestones simply unforgettable. The big difference between a registrar or traditional ceremony is: ‘what you want – baby we got it’.
We write the script according to your story, we hold the ceremony where you want it, we add lashings of tradition, dashings of ritual – or not! It’s all up to you!

What is a sacred ceremony?
A sacred ceremony reflects you and your relationship. It is sculpted from your experiences, hopes, dreams and stories. Full of your personality it is the best ceremony you will ever be at! We will work together to find special readings, songs, symbolic rituals and poems.

Are you qualified?
I trained with and am a member of the Academy of Modern Celebrants. I am a writer and journalist as well as a Reiki healer

What does a celebrant led service include?
First we meet on Zoom, Skype, coffee shop, park or WhatsApp. This is a free, no-obligation chat to get to know each other. I can answer any questions you have. I will also get to know a bit about your relationship as well as your hopes, dreams and wishes for your day. When you decide I’m the right celebrant to craft your ceremony, I’ll give you a booking form, you pay a deposit to confirm your date. Then comes the fun part! I start working on your script until the service reflects the perfect sacred ceremony of your desires! Before the wedding ceremony we’ll have another meeting to finalise all the logistics and make sure everyone feels prepared for the big day. I’m the stage manager of your ceremony, so everything will go according to plan. Then on the day of I arrive early to make sure the space is sacred and everything is ready.

Who writes the wedding vows?
I would love to help you write your vows. To find your own words to express the feelings in your heart. Alternatively I can point you in the direction of more traditional vows and poetry.

Is the wedding service legally binding?
In a word – no. Not yet. In England and Wales, the legalities can only happen in a recognised religious ceremony or by a registrar. We are working to change that with the #givecouplesachoice movement. But in the meantime it’s not such a big hassle. Most couples go to the registrar and get the ‘Two x Two’ (couple and 2 witnesses) basic legal marriage… then come to me for the real wedding party!

debbie oakes celebrant

Contact me with any other questions you have. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

more questions about celebrant led ceremonies

What about Naming Ceremonies, Vow renewals, Divorce Rituals and Space Clearing and Pet Funerals?
There are no legal qualifications required, but all the spirit necessary (and study done) is right here

Are celebrant ceremonies religious?
I have a degree in comparative religion and am thrilled to incorporate any meaningful spiritual or religious ritual. It is a sacred day after all! But if you prefer to keep your blessings earth bound that is just fine too

Where can we have our wedding ceremony?
A celebrant led service can be anywhere! Literally anywhere you want… well as long as it’s legal. I am based in the UK and Italy, but my bags are ready to be packed for castles, beaches, forests, lakes, villas, pubs, your garden, home or even a field.

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